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Core banking as a full service – this is how it works

Are you under the impression that your core banking solution is just a technical platform that needs to be up and running 24/7? If so, you have a lot of advantages yet to discover! When purchasing your core banking solution as a full-service solution, you’ll not only have the expertise needed to make a successful implementation – but also the ensuing support and management.



Software and implementation are cornerstones of the core banking solution

The core banking solution is first and foremost a platform for the bank’s essential functions regarding deposits, loans, and collateral management. To ensure that the platform can provide what customers demand, the solution also includes digital channels, integrations with internet banking, and other external add-ons. When replacing your core banking solution, all of the steps in the process need to ensure that these cornerstones are seen to, preserved, and developed the right way.

Operation and management for a complete solution

After an implementation project, professional management is also needed to ensure continued quality and that the solution meets the needs necessary. Services such as support and monitoring of production environments are included here.

Infrastructure and operations should always be a part of a complete core banking solution. Operations can take place in data centers or the private or public cloud. Regardless of whether you already have an operations partner and systems in current server halls or work mainly in the cloud, you can easily hand over your core banking solution management. At Applicon, we have vast experience operating services for business-critical banking systems and can offer a safe and complete solution for your bank.

A better value from the whole platform

By purchasing the core banking solution as a full service, you can use your time more efficiently and focus on your bank’s value for its customers. Handing over operations and management to a partner means you won’t have to make decisions regarding details you don’t have the time, experience, or resources to handle. This way, you’ll get a better and faster value out of your platform.

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An agile process with ongoing support

A common fear before changing a core banking solution is that the implementation will drain all energy from your business and that the process will be long and challenging. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. By working with agile methods, you’ll have opportunities to choose at what pace every launch and migration should occur. This allows you to keep operations going while replacing the foundation of your business. Changing the core banking solution is a unique process, where the platform is developed piece by piece. Small steps ensure that you never have to take the entire risk at once.

Implementing a core banking solution won’t either put a hold on innovation or development along the way. With a partner expert on core banking and agile methods, you’ll have all the prerequisites, support, and security needed to make the transformation as smooth as possible.

How Applicon can provide a full-service core banking solution

By choosing a modern standard platform for your core bank, you get quick access to the competitive advantages for the future – regarding both technical innovations and integrations. With Applicon, you’ll have a flexible partner that is easy to work with from several aspects:

  • Banking and finance focus. Applicon specializes in the banking and finance industry, and our job is to keep track of current innovation, progress, and regulations within the sector.

  • Everything included. We are system experts that can handle your core banking solution from start to finish. We implement, manage and look after operations and make sure to deliver the full-service you need, with support functions at all levels.
  • Available 24/7. Applicon’s purpose is to make sure you can sleep soundly at night. We keep track of the system for you, keeping it up and running as it should.
Are you considering replacing your core banking solution and want to know more about what Applicon can offer regarding service? Contact us, and we’ll dive deeper into how we can adapt implementation, support, and operations to your particular conditions.