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SAP for banking: The pillar of our core banking solution

Complex, huge and chaotic – or a proven business solution with world-class innovative power? SAP has an undeniable reputation, and its market-leading position as a banking platform and business system is hard to compete with. Learn more about why SAP for banking is the ultimate cornerstone of Applicon’s solution and why you won’t regret utilizing it when working with us.



Our job is to simplify the complex financial world. SAP for banking is the pillar of our core banking solutions – and our job is to make SAP easier to understand and work with for our customers and their employees. This is why we want to explain and share all the advantages of the platform and what SAP will mean for your project and future core banking solution. Working with us, we guarantee your view on SAP will be completely different than before.

SAP for banking – a world-leading business bank system

SAP as an ERP platform is proven by several different businesses worldwide. With SAP, you’ll have a whole ecosystem of modules and solutions to support different parts of your bank, such as treasury management. SAP is an employee tool, an ERP, and a banking solution all wrapped into one. Large companies can build their complete platforms based on the system while having unlimited access to all the things needed to develop and grow their business.

The complete integration between systems is probably one of the most significant advantages of SAP, where the user infrastructure is the same regardless of what part you’re currently using. A bank’s many different integrations require a uniform ground, which SAP guarantees. SAP also has reliable operational safety and can be delivered both on-premise and in the cloud – or as a combination.

Solid and secure in a standard platform

Along with SAP’s size comes stability and security that few solutions can compete with. A common misconception is that you have to choose a standard solution if you’re working with SAP – but it’s possible to have the best of two worlds. The system has a standard development model where customers can create their own solutions that adapt to their operational needs.

World-class innovation and development

SAP is not only characterized by its strengths and stability – but they also have a substantial innovational power no competitor can match. SAP actively develop with the help of predictive analytics, machine learning, and blockchain technology, for example, and create implementations that can’t be found elsewhere.

SAP Fioneer – a dedicated investment in banking and finance

For a long time, SAP has been a successful platform for companies in the banking and finance industry, where more than 800 of the world’s 1000 top banks are using SAP. In September 2021, SAP took another step to improve and develop its offer to the bank and finance industry with SAP Fioneer. SAP Fioneer is a new company, part-owned by SAP, focusing entirely on innovation within SAP’s bank and financial services. Through SAP Fioneer, we can meet the security, speed, and cost-effectiveness required to build a competitive bank for the future.

The innovational power is all yours

It might be challenging to comprehend the massive product development behind the scenes at SAP from your own business perspective. This is where Applicon enters. Working with us, we guarantee your access to this innovational power by tailoring to make your adaptions compatible with the system. Through our open API’s you can, for example, develop user interfaces that will properly represent your bank’s identity and functionality. We take responsibility for future-proofing Nordic bank platforms with SAP’s development strength as a springboard, combined with our own agile and customer-centered way of working.

Faster data management with SAP’s powerful database

SAP for banking also includes a fast and powerful database that will be indispensable for using all the data held by banks. We can see that banks in the future have the opportunity of working in real-time to analyze behaviors and needs to form even better-personalized customer offers. With HANA, SAP’s primary memory database, you’ll have the required speed to work with this kind of analysis and reports on a daily basis. Ultimately, it will provide competitive advantages and a better user experience for your customers and employees.

The best combination for your core banking platform

Applicon is one of SAP’s largest service partners in the Nordic region, and it’s we that handle the implementation through SAP for small and medium-sized banks in Sweden. Working with us, you’ll get access to all the powerful innovations and techniques which constitute SAP, without having to handle any complexity of their extensive system. We are responsible for the entire implementation – from needs analysis to integrations – and we always have your best interests and needs at heart.

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