A handbook to help you replace your core banking solution

Replacing your core banking solution is a comprehensive change project – and a major investment in your competitive advantage. The goal is to create a solution that can help you develop new offers, create streamlined processes and secure your business for the future.

This handbook (in Swedish*) will help you find the answers to many questions you might have about changing a core banking solution – and learn from people who have faced similar challenges. It will provide you with insights and tips based on our experience from the implementation projects for a couple of the largest banks in Sweden.

In the handbook, you’ll learn more about:

  • Important findings from two banks that have replaced their core banking solution
  • Tailor-made solutions vs. standard solutions – what suits you?
  • How to choose a platform – 10 factors to take into account
  • What you need in a supplier
  • Advice and recommendations prior to the pilot study and implementation process

* The handbook is yet to be translated into English.

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What is a core banking platform?

Today, 97% of the Swedish population is using digital bank services, and Sweden is at the very frontline of development. The core banking platform provides all essential banking functionality such as transactions, loans, collaterals, and deposits management. Added to this foundation is a layer of integration where the bank interacts with its customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This is where your bank can create its competitive advantages.